Dec 31, 2009

2009... in the rear view

2009 was an outstanding year. i was fortunate to have two shows here in Alaska, attend Homer PhotoFest, start school, teach, get included in the Guide, and recently the State Museum in Juneau purchased two of my prints for their collection. a better year than i could have imagined a year ago.

but, i count two things as the highlights of 2009. first, making better photographs - this year i felt more sure footed behind the camera, editing my work, and honing a critical eye. all i can ask for is growth, and i'm slowly beginning to wrap my head around some things in my own photographs. but, as i said this time last year, i need to be making more photographs.

second, i met so many others this year that made me fall in love with this medium over and over again. i owe thanks to several photographers, and supporters, who have viewed my work with a critical eye this year, and trusted me to share their own. you know who you are - thank you.

and, at the end of the day, it's nice to know that photography isn't everything - Dea's transplant this year trumps all.

so, on to 2010. no regrets. onward and upward.

i'm starting the year with an exciting opportunity which i will announce in a few days. also, without doubt the biggest event of my career is on the horizon in February...

America Now @ Montserrat College of Art, Feb. 5 - April 10.
Photographs by Daniel Cheek, Shane Lavalette, Laura McPhee, Zoe Strauss, Alec Soth and myself.

this is going to be a killer show.


the best to all readers of this space in 2010. thanks for spending some time here. look for more diverse content in the coming year. be well. - ben


Liz said...

I was excited for you before, when you told me about that show, but somehow seeing it in print on your blog made it more real, and now I'm so completely thrilled! I wish I could go see it in person, but I look forward to seeing installation shots when you have them. Best wishes to you and Dea in the new year, Ben.

ben huff said...

happy new year to you Liz!

Elizabeth Fleming said...

Happy New Year Ben, this is a great post. And congratulations on the show, what a lineup! Here's to 2010, and especially to your and Dea's health.

ben huff said...

thanks Elizabeth. happy new year to you.

raul b said...

happy new year ben and keep up the good work!

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