Jan 1, 2010

day 1

my new years resolutions usually go down in flames inside of three months, but declaring them here might give them more staying power. so, my resolution(s) for 2010? to be more patient and to take more risks. in life and art. conflicting for sure, but such is life (and art).

the first day of the decade brought -30 temperatures. a good day to be holed up (with no hangover) printing and enjoying many cups of coffee.

i awoke this morning to the following dot warning on kuac:

Alert - James Dalton Highway
James Dalton Highway: from Milepost 284 to Deadhorse Milepost 414
snow on roadway, drifting snow, reduced visibility, white out, blowing snow due to high winds -- only travel if absolutely necessary, reduce your speed, drive with extreme caution — until tomorrow at about 12:00 PM
Comment: Please be advised the winds are blowing 30-40 MPH
last updated today at 12:11 PM

damn, i wish i was up there today. we'll chalk this one up to patience.

on to day 2..

1 comment:

Philoxenia said...

This is a very beautiful image. I have been folliwng a similar work in Iceland with Tomasz Þór Verluson
I sometimes regret living in the "nice weather" belt.

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