Feb 9, 2010

Hollis Bennett

i've never met Hollis, but we've spoken a few times. he was in Alaska last summer, and although we tried to catch up when i was in Homer, we ended us missing each other by a day. he moves quickly. a small piece of my need to get out of this town is satisfied by his photographs of places i've never been.

he returned from a trip to Africa last month, and i just caught up with a post he made a couple weeks ago of his contact sheets. they made my heart skip. god, i love that feeling. that crash of reality. this is it - did i get it? no nostalgia or excuses - the images are there, or they aren't. viewing negatives, or contact sheets, for the first time is a heavy dose of reality - a reality laced with time, expense, sweat, and not a small amount of ego.

you can see more of Hollis' finished work in Africa here and here.

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