Feb 19, 2010

IL > WI > MN > IA > IL

we leave in the morning for Chicago. 9 days - most spent driving from Chicago to Rochester, to my parent's place in Iowa, and back to Dea's parent's place in the South burbs of the City. the great Midwest tour of 2010. i'm looking forward to the driving, the landscape, (hopefully) quick forays into Chicago and Minneapolis proper, and a clean 1 year bill of health for Dea in Rochester. we will be moving quickly, but i hope to look some folks up while we are outside, and take in an exhibition or two.

mostly, i'm looking forward to getting out of Fairbanks, getting some perspective, resetting, and coming back here ready to get some serious work done.

till then, it will be good to be home.


Anonymous said...

If you stop in Milwaukee be sure to see the Street Seen exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Great show and first time screening of film "time capsule" by Louis Faurer. enjoy your midwest tour!

ben huff said...

thanks Sonja. i won't be that far east in Wisconsin - so much I would like to see this trip.

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