Jul 21, 2010

Chicago bound

i'm leaving the monsoon that is the Interior later tonight for the heat wave in the midwest. we'll be sweating it out in the burbs mostly, but i plan to get into the city on Friday for a couple hours to see Paula McCartney's Bird Watching at MoCP, Proof over at Catherine Edelman, and to see if i can't bribe an attendant into a peek at the Cartier-Bresson show at The Institute that opens on Sunday.

one of these days i'm going to breeze into Chicago and have time to look up some folks, and walk easy around town. not this trip. if you are interested in a coffee on the run, or have a must-see show, send me an email.


Mike Reinders said...

I'll be at this show on Friday night:

If Nature Could Talk: Grant Ray

you should stop by, a lot of columbia peeps should be there too...

ben said...

Thanks Mike. Most likely I'll be back in the burbs in the evening, but I'll stop by if I can swing it.

David Szymanski said...

If you come back through Milwaukee let me know.

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