Sep 11, 2010

the fog & Ferit Kuyas

i woke at 4:30 yesterday morning to make a day of photographs on a bottom section of the road. it was dark and crisp when i left the house. coffee in hand and a little bleary eyed. the roads wet, truckers still sleeping, and the kind of sunrise that makes you believe there could never be another time to make a photograph.

the morning of perfectly unpredictable light yielded to a perfectly cloudless bluebird sky by noon, and brought with it a warmth that felt unsettled against a Fall that has nearly passed. an ideal day for driving or hiking - less so for making photographs. it seemed yesterday, an odd existence always wishing for gloomy weather.

i still worked hard behind the ground glass, but more with the objective of just being there. seeing and taking an inventory for another time.

all the while though, i couldn't shake the tone of Ferit Kuyas' images of Chonqing.

Kuyas has created something i can feel. i have no personal reference for the place, Chonqing, but i can feel it. i can smell it. the fog wraps me up, and i am in it. in the photographs. in Chonqing.

the City of Ambition

all images © Ferit Kuyas

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Raul Bonatiu said...

amazing work!!

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