Oct 26, 2010

the blogging months

winter is here. with the darkness, and relative cold, inevitably comes some introspection. the wild months of endless days, and limitless energy, have slipped out the back door. there is always that nagging fear, that the sun was squandered. the winter always sees me coming back to this blog looking for something.

i have many posts bouncing around. things to say. work to share. ultimately, though, i'm looking forward to getting back to the basics - here with the blog, and with my own work. i'm reluctant to admit that i've struggled quite a bit with image making the past several months. i'm hoping that getting back to a level of candor here will help me push through to something greater. the darkness brings with it a unique commitment - one i'm looking forward to.

stay tuned here, for some upcoming news, other photographers that inspire, significant changes, and general blogginess.

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