Sep 20, 2010

books and vacations

i should have posted this sooner. i was awarded an honorable mention in Blurb's Photography Book Now competition. it was a great surprise - i won't blab on here, but it really is encouraging.

i've been infected with books on the brain lately, but haven't purchased a new book in some time. not for the lack of enticing titles. i'm looking forward to the next few months...
.i'm confident that Steidl's honor of Larry Sultan with Katherine Avenue will be a knockout.
.i've never held a copy of John Gossage's The Pond, and looking forward to the reissue.
.i'm intrested to see what Hatje Cantz does with Kander's Yangtze
.i keep reaching for Nicolas Faure's Landscape A, and anxious to see Heavenwards
.Radius is producing strikingly forward thinking books recently, and i'm sure Alec's collaboration with Gossage in New Zealand will yield another step forward.
.and, finally, i might have to sell a camera, or my truck, to keep up with Alec's books this year. it seems the list keeps growing, but obviously From Here to There and Broken Manual are required. the thing that excites me is that each offering will be a departure of sorts, and follow a unusually different track. i'm blown away by his contributions.

in a couple days, though, i'm looking forward to uncovering little known titles in Europe. since we moved here five years ago it has been a dream of ours to catch one of the last nonstop Condor flights to Germany. this is the year. for less than a ticket to Chicago, and in less time, we are heading up over the North Pole and down to Frankfurt (Fairbanks has its perks). we'll take the train down to Prague where we'll spend our anniversary. Dea will look for shoes, and i'll look for books.

when i return i'll be launching a small book effort. Fairbanksans, you can view photographs, spreads of the book, and two unrelated drawings in the MFA show at the UAF student gallery. the show is up until October 1st.

this space will be quiet for a while. i'm outta here.


Kevin J. Miyazaki said...

Wow, what a trip. Safe travels and happy anniversary to you both.

ben said...

thanks Kevin

Robin said...

Congrats on the honorable mention. Your blog very well rounded and simple as well. I heard your teaching a a book making class next semester.

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