Nov 4, 2010

100 Portraits - 100 Photographers

FotoWeek DC starts this weekend. wish i could be there to revel in the photo goodness. i mentioned a few days ago about my inclusion in the Night Gallery exhibit that will start at the Corcoran on Saturday, and then be projected at several other locations in the city. it wasn't until i saw Andy's page later that i realized just how big this was going to be. the caliber of work in this show is off the charts. when i think of the photographers, the work, that i go back to again, and again, for inspiration and knowledge - much of it is here.

i encourage you to spend some time with the links on Andy's site. the great thing about this edit is that it showcases great singular images in a collective context, but many come from really fascinating larger bodies of work.

©Doug Dubois

i was recently reading a conversation between Doug Dubois and Richard Hines. Dubois summed up something that i constantly battle with in portraiture (from a guy that makes it look so easy) -

"Nothing comes easy. Most people left to their own devices will tell you nothing"

these 100 portraits, collectively, say something.

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