Apr 13, 2011

Juneau and the Road

i'm back in Fairbanks, and trying to organize the next few months, and the general direction of things. my few days in Juneau were great, and i think i've found a few possibilities for projects. i have some research to do, a book to read, and some calls to make, and am excited about some possibilities. the photos will come.

of course, the thing that is hanging over me are the logistics of finishing up The Last Road North. i'm seeing now that the move south has come at a good time, in a way it forced me to think about the end. i needed to form a sort of exit strategy. i could (can) continue on from the Southeast, but the time is right to wrap it up. i've made solid photographs the past few months, ones that i will tucked away for now, and feel confident i can execute the work that needs to still be done. Friday, i head north for five days - the final spring on the road. my last trip will come in July, over the 4th. i won't tie this thing off until i know it is coherent, until i know i can live with it, but the plan is two more trips.

the idea of making a final edit of this work is tremendous. for now, back to the road...

mile 26, february 2010

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