Apr 20, 2011

thank you

i came down off the road last night form one of the best, most productive, trips to date. i loosened up and cracked a depth that had been eluding me. again, the arctic has provided perspective. i've come to the realization lately that i've been wound a little tight. tight, even for me. the time in the arctic proved to be a massive level.

two days before i left on this road trip i came across my Rasmuson Foundation grant proposal from 2007. my words, then, were so full of fire and ambition, humility and focus. i used those past words as a renewal of sorts. now, over four years on, i'm doing exactly what i intended to do. with that i am grateful. the opportunity to go out into the world, my little corner of the world, and bring back considered pieces of life is an opportunity i don't take lightly. i am undeniably fortunate.

this is a shitty place to say thank you to anyone, and everyone, who has ever offered help or expressed interest in my photographs. but, ..... thank you.

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