Aug 3, 2011

LPV Magazine & the Process, Stream, and eventual End

Last week, Bryan, at LPV Magazine wrote an excellent article - The Process, The Stream and The End. In the article, he tackles an issue that I've thought a lot about, in the last two years in particular - how to deal with photographic projects in process on the Internet? This is a big question, with many variables, and Bryan keyed into a few really valid points.

I emailed him a word of thanks about the article, and we began talking. He asked me to write a bit about my own experience with blogging, and the way I have approached showing images from The Last Road North as the series has evolved. It's a long bit, but gets to the heart of some things in my process that might be useful.

I find this dialog about works in process, blogging, social media, and ideas for sharing work really interesting. Bryan is right, in that I think we take for granted how new of an outlet the internet is in storytelling. Over the past few years I've watched several photographers that I admire deal with blogging, and work in process, in different ways. This conversation takes a back seat to the work itself, but I think it's an increasingly important topic for some photographers.

I'd be interested to hear what others have to say on the issue - in the comments here or offline.

You can read my contribution here.

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