Aug 29, 2011


It's been soggy and cold here in Juneau lately, and oddly perfect for making photos. I've been productive lately, working on something new, as I wait for this stack of film to land on my door. The film arrived today, and at first pass, things look great. Much to do. Scanning, printing, editing, mailing prints. All good. If you are expecting a print, or and artist book, from my last trip - they will be in the mail soon!

I'll be hunkering down here, and the blog will be quiet for a while. But, first, I wanted to say a bit about a couple places to see my photos in person this year. currently, 100 Portraits 100 Photographers is being shown at the Australian Centre for Photography. You can view the grid installation below..

100 Portraits Australian Centre for Photography Installation from on Vimeo.

Also, I've been invited, by Larissa Leclair, to exhibit at the Lishui Photography Festival in Lishui China in November. The prospect of showing photographs that represent a Western landscape and a meandering human story of the North, in China, is such an incredible opportunity.

Thanks to Andy and Larissa.


arcticraig said...

Congrats, Ben! Wish I could go to Australia and Taiwan to see the shows in person. Will you be able to, or are you sending packages?

ben said...

Hey Cob.
I will be going to China...and crazy excited about it.

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