Jan 13, 2012

back home

Ok, so .tumblr didn't take. Two things seem certain: first I can't seem to get away from this blog, second, I seem to do a variation of this exercise every year about this time. The Fall is always hectic, the darkness sets in, I close up a little and the blog goes quiet. And again, I feel the need to write. But this time it feels different - like a life line of sorts. I need more dialog, more conversation - even if it is one-sided.

I was just going back through the archive here, and although I was often amused, I was also struck at how engaged I was. Not recently, but not too long ago. There was struggle, and fight, and goddamn awe on so many occasions. I was moved, and writing about it. I miss that. I miss exploring, here, books that meant something to me, offering a bit of critical dialogue, and screaming into the void. I didn't know what I was doing (still don't) but I was doing it deliberately.

So, Im coming home, back to this damn blog. If there are still any readers here - thanks for sticking it out. It's good to be home.

The view down Gold Street from in front of our house. I'll be in the basement tapping out more regular posts. Promise.


dogu said...

Yes, at least one person has your blog in his reader. I believe I StumbledUpon your site some time back. I was interested in both your photos and your discussions on process. That and my daughter lives in Fairbanks so, for some weird reason, your blog seems somehow more personal.

ben said...

dogu, thanks for stopping by

Jeope said...

You're still on my Reader, too, Ben. Still putting out great stuff.

ben said...

Jeope! it's been a long time - hope you are doing well.

JJR said...

good call, I did not delete you from my reader either.

will said...

Glad to have you back

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