Jan 14, 2012

more on awe

© Zoe Strauss

Tonight is the opening for Zoe Strauss' exhibition Ten Years at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This promises to be a huge show, and I can't wait to see the reviews and photos from the night.

Back in 2009, Zoe came to Alaska as a USA Artists Fellow. She spent a couple days in Fairbanks, and we hung out a bit, went exploring for photos, and I took her for burgers at Ivory Jacks. She was a treat, and an absolute force of nature. From the moment you meat Zoe, you get 100%. All spark and fire. She truly believes that what she is doing is necessary and relevant. There is no pretense - the work is it. The only thing.

I've always admired her fearlessness. But, the thing that stayed with me was how wholly committed, how unwavering, she was. I remember thinking - 'If I'm really to do this (photography) she is the measure. Her passion to tell stories and be engaged sets the bar'. I still think that.

10 Years.


patcaribou said...

disarmingly charming and charmingly disarming.

ben said...

yes she is
I know you would love to see this show too Patrick
Do you have photos from that night at IJ's?

patcaribou said...

nah. didn't bring the camera. but i got my copy of "america" signed!

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