Feb 16, 2012

The Great Annual Tour of the Midwest

We leave for Chicago tomorrow. Our annual trip to Mayo for Dea's transplant annual checkup is next week. We'll be starting in Chicago, driving up through Wisconsin, over to Minnesota for her appointments, down through Iowa to see my family, then back to Chicago to see Dea's family. This annual trip has turned into a pilgrimage of sorts -a trip that we look forward to annually, now that we have confidence that Dea's checkups are ones of a celebration or sorts, instead of bad news.

I look forward to this trip for so many reasons that deal with health, family, and perspective, but I also get really wound up about seeing good shows while I'm out. Here's what's on my list:

Viktoria Sorochinski @ Catherine Edelman

Limits of Photography @ MocP (image John Brill)

Jochen Lempert @ Rochester Art Center

Light Years @ the Art Institute (image John Baldessari)

I love Alaska, there is no place I would rather live. But, damn I'm looking forward to getting out of here and driving around the heartland. Home.

If you're in the city and out seeing shows on Friday the 24th, email me if you want to meet up.

Later AK, here we come IL/WI/MN/IL.


David Szymanski said...

Hi Ben,

Will you have any time in Wisconsin (Milwaukee) at all?


ben said...

We'll be up in the are visiting Dea's aunt tomorrow, but only for a short bit, and not in the city.

Wish I could make it in to see you, Kevin M, and the TIna Barney show at the Haggerty.

This trip is great for seeing family, but there are so many great midwest photographers that I'd love to meet while we're here as well. Too short of a trip. As I say every year - next time.

David Szymanski said...

Hi Ben,

Hopefully next year you will have more time in Wisconsin. It would be great to meet you. Maybe I need to come to Alaska...

As for now, the snow is just starting to fall. Have a safe trip and stay in touch.

ben said...

Look me up in AK anytime David.

We're back in the south side burbs tonight - into Chicago in the morning. No snow here yet.

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