Feb 29, 2008

i could get used to this

it's been a great day...

i came down to Anchorage yesterday for an editorial job this morning. this was a great opportunity to flex a little different photo muscles. it was a really difficult shoot, but i think it went well, and i was able to spend the morning with a terrific couple from California and a six surly sled dogs. more on this later. good opportunities, good people, and i'm sure- good photos.

the Iditarod starts tomorrow, and this town is bubbling over. it's all a bit much for me downtown, but i had to hit a few of the regular spots before i head back North.

i'm going to catch Dennis' show at the always humbling Anchorage Museum. the new renovations are far enough along now that you can begin to see where the architecture is headed, and its going to be epic.

picked up a used copy of Redheads for $6 at Title Wave.

now, an Americano at Darkhorse before heading home.

a damn good day.

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